Terminal blends can be used in all paving and maintenance applications requiring crumb rubber content.  They can be used in dense-graded, open-graded, gap-graded and porous mixes.  They can also be used in chip seal applications, inter-layers, emulsions, slurry seal applications and tac coat applications.  Terminal blends can be used with rubber contents as low as 5% and as high as 25%, depending on the application and the project’s requirements.

Because of the smooth, homogeneous nature of terminal blends, they can be readily used in a wide variety of applications.  The terminal blends are also an alternative for the wet process or field-blended asphalt rubber which are typically used in gap-graded and chip seal applications.

In California, PG-TR grades are specifically targeted for use in the same applications for which PG-PMA binders are used, including dense-graded mixes for thick structural sections.

Using PG64-28TR with 18% tire rubber content and 15% RAP in the HMA

Ease of Use

Terminal blends have been used with ease by many contractors and agencies that have their own crews and without modification or need for specialized equipment.  All terminal blends are environmentally friendly and don’t require excessive heat, also making it a cost effective product.

Terminal blends have allowed the use of a tire modified binder where asphalt rubber or polymer modified binder had typically been used.  Terminal blends have been and are being used successfully in many regions and also keeping prices down in any bid that allows the use of it.As a result of the cost efficiency of terminal blends, many competitors using asphalt rubber or polymer modified rubber have had to drastically reduce bids in order to remain competitive with the terminal blends tire modified binders.

California Projects

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