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Who We Are

Alon USA, a major manufacturer of paving and industrial asphalt products. We are the largest manufacturer, producer and distributor of asphalt products in the western United States.

What We Do

Our refineries and terminals are capable of producing a variety of products including specialized road and industrial asphalts. The company produces and markets a wide variety of modified and rubberized asphalt products, emulsions and cut back asphalt. Quality control is achieved through the operation of several satellite laboratories and AMRL SHRP accredited laboratories with NBTC certified technicians.

What We Make

Conventional paving Asphalt, PG, AC, AR and Pen graded materials Polymer modified asphalt, PG and AC graded Tire modified asphalt for paving and surface treatment, PG and AC graded Emulsion: conventional, polymer/latex modified, tire rubber modified emulsion Cutbacks: conventional and tire modified cutbacks, industrial products, conventional and polymer modified.

Our History

Our refineries date back to the 1930’s and have been a significant presence in the California asphalt market and in the western United States. In 1998, the refinery put in facilities to manufacture TRMAC (Terminal blended rubberized asphalt products) and polymer-modified asphalt products, to meet the growing demand for high performance asphalt cements.

Our Future

The petroleum and asphalt industries are dynamic and changing. Our asphalt division has shown its ability to identify and meet challenges and is committed to supporting the asphalt industry; by investing capital to improve and grow operations, by identifying and meeting the needs of our customers and by providing a safe working environment for our employees. The asphalt division is and will continue to be a good neighbor to our community and to the environment. We will remain a leader in the asphalt industry and will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products backed by exceptional service.

Why Solubility is Important

Solubility, being a part of the AC and PG grading system per ASTM and AASHTO standards, insures that the binder is homogenous and can be fully PG and AC graded with plus spec, thus no settlement occurs. Also, as an added benefit, no specialized equipment is needed, there are no changes for mix design (Hveem, Marshall & Gyratory), no change for the gradation, and mixing and compaction temperature are similar to a polymer modified products.

Modifying Binder with Terminal Blend Process

Tire modified products are designed to meet the existing specifications of AC or PG grading and plus spec in additional to the conventional asphalt rubber tests such as cone penetration, softening point, resilient and field haake viscometer (275ºF), but with one major difference: our product can be applied at a relatively lower temperature (up to 100ºF) when compared to conventional asphalt rubber, making terminal blend rubberized binder a part of warm mix technologies.

California Projects

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